Monday, October 7, 2019

Little Known Facts about Amish Culture

Amish Country Ohio

1. Amish first came to Ohio in 1808. Today there are nearly 60,000 Amish living in Ohio.

2. Holmes County is the center of Ohio's Amish community. Holmes County and the neighboring 6 counties are home to over 30,000 individuals and 227 church districts.

3. The Holmes County area is the most diverse settlement of Amish Culture.

4. Most Amish followers speak what is referred to as Low German or Pennsylvania Dutch, which is traditional Amish language derived from Germon, Spanish, and Portuguese.

5. School normally ends at 8th grade. From there, children go directly into their life of work. Schoolrooms are traditionally one room and lead by a teacher who is unmarried young women.

6. Although their lives are faith based, Amish followers do not get baptized until at least the age of 16 but may be as late as 25. It is their own decision, and if they chose against baptism they are asked to leave The Church.

7. Those who leave the church are excommunicated and shunned from their family. Nearly 90% of teens decide to stay with the church, however.

8. Amish men stop shaving their beards after they get married, however, usually he will still have to shave his mustache.

9. Ladies have very limited wardrobe, normally no more than just 5 clothing sets.

10. Many dolls in an Amish home are faceless. This is to deter vanity and to show children that everyone is beautiful in the eyes of God.

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