Friday, January 10, 2020

Holmes County Forge is Coming in Spring 2020

Holmes County Flea Market is thrilled to soon become the home to the Holmes County Forge! We will release more details this spring. Forge Visitors will be able to experience of watching an old-world craft firsthand. Twice a month, the Forge will offer knife-making and blademithing demonstrations.

Bladesmithing is an old art form that has been returning to popularity with the television show on the History Channel, Forged in Fire. This art is thousands of years old and found in cultures as diverse as China, Japan, India, Germany, Korea, the Middle East, Spain and the British Isles. If you have never seen anything like bladesmith, we encourage you to come visit Holmes County Forge to see these incredible, live demonstrations!

Holmes County Forge
Mark your calendars for spring of 2020 for the arrival of Holmes County Forge! 

Watching someone create a knife by hand is quite an entertaining event. Additionally, the likelihood of finding this kind of demonstration anywhere else in the area is not high. So, this one-of-a-kind craft is special, and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Surely, you will notice that the detail that goes into each step is what makes it so unique and awe-inspiring. The bladesmith starts with raw steel and forms a rough shape with only fire, an anvil, and a hammer. From there, the blade profile is refined, and the blade bevels are brought to life on a belt grinder. The next step is the quench where the knife is hardened. Finishing varies according to application and can be a painstaking process.

From beginning to end, knife-making will be taking place right here at Holmes County Flea Market! As you plan your spring trip to Ohio’s beautiful rolling hills of Amish Country, do not forget to schedule a visit to Holmes County Flea Market to check out the new Holmes County Forge! As we have more information, we will be sure to share it with you on our Facebook page and Instagram profile, so make sure that you are following us closely on social media. We can’t wait to share the amazing craft of bladesmithing and Forge demonstrations with you.

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