Monday, September 30, 2019

Finding Treasure in Flea Markets

Amish Country Flea Market Ohio, Holmes County Flea Market

Flea Markets and Antique Shops can be a little overwhelming for people who don’t spend much time in them. There are so many things to look at in such little time! How do I find what I’m looking for? What if I don’t know what I’m looking for but don’t want to miss anything? A good flea market is home to a lot of unique items and we want to make sure you don’t miss a hidden gem. How do you find that hidden flea market treasure? Here’s 6 steps to finding your own flea market treasure.

  1. 1. Come well-rested. Flea Markets have a lot to look at, and tend to involve a lot of walking. Getting tired out and leaving early or not digging as well halfway through can mean you miss out on something cool.
  2. 2. Be there early. From beating the crowds to getting in before things get picked through and messy being early will pay off. It also gives you more time to look through all the goods.
  3. 3. Be open-minded. Just because a booth doesn’t look like it will have something you're looking for, doesn’t mean it won’t – it’s called hidden treasure for a reason.
  4. 4. Know your flea market. Familiarize yourself with the way the market works and how it’s laid out. If you plan on shopping there frequently, building a relationship with the vendors can also be beneficial.
  5. 5. Make at least two passes. Try to walk from both directions. You don’t realize how much you could miss in a single pass. You might see something hanging on the side of a vendor stall that you missed because you just perused past it.
Holmes County Flea Market carries such a range of merchandise and has friendly vendors who want to help you find exactly what you came in for. If you’re planning a visit soon, check out our vendor map to get a game plan for your flea market treasure hunt!

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